Ride gets rough for cabs, comms may rescue

“Delete that app!” Sounds familiar? yeah, coz crisis hits the modern cab like a thunderbolt. See, the cabs of today are prone to scandals. Indeed, the very technological platform and spirit that created the modern-day cab, is the same sword that can fell them. In fact, the today’s cab company greens with envy at their yellow predecessors popularly known as taxis.

In the days gone by, those cabs never bothered about reputation. There was no social media either to roast them. They also admire the matatus for getting away with murder- arrogance, assault and even theft.

But the digital generation cabs ain’t as lucky. They deal mostly with hot-blooded young folks who are consumer activists by default/ This outspoken clients have access to the world at their finger tips through their smartphones, and in the psyche of the today’s customer, big is not necessarily sexy- so they care less about big corporations.

Yet, the very nature of the cab business is hardwired to scandal. A rude customer can generate as much scandal as a driver whose fingers feel itchy to do some walking on a client. Or it could be just sheer bad lack that some misadventure visits during the safari. All these and many more are like tinderbox waiting to explode.

So what gives? Reputation is the currency for the success in the ride hailing economy. Crisis Communication, therefore, has to be integrated in the bigger business strategy. These cab companies need savvy and prolific communication folks. If not, the ride will get rough.

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