BrighterMonday launches drive to empower jobseekers to secure employment

BrighterMonday Kenya launches campaign to increase the employability and visibility of job seekers to potential employers

Emmanuel Mutuma, BrighterMonday Chief Executive Officer: Employability

East Africa’s online recruitment platform BrighterMonday Kenya is enhancing its approach to reduce unemployment in the country with the launch of a jobseeker targeted campaign dubbed “Level Up.”

The Level Up campaign is a jobseeker drive aimed at showcasing the various methods in which a BrighterMonday job seeker can make themselves more attractive to potential employers on the platform. It will also help job seekers leverage technology to gain a competitive edge through boosted professional profiles, tailored career support, and timely access to top jobs in the country.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Kenya’s unemployment rate doubled to10.4 percent in the first half of 2020 due to the pandemic, affecting the morale of jobseekers and challenging them to upskill and strategically seek out job opportunities.

BrighterMonday Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Mutuma noted that the campaign seeks to increase the employability and visibility of job seekers to potential employers. “The BrighterMonday jobseeker is always in search of ways to stand out and be considered for that next big opportunity, promotion or job. In a market where a lot of qualified candidates are in the running for that same position, it is important to create a way for them to go the extra mile in order to be the preferred choice.” Emmanuel said.

He further reiterated that to enhance the jobseeker experience, regular updates on proper job application procedures have been possible due to innovative automations on the website; moreover, efforts are made to help a job seeker market themselves to potential employers through services like professional CV services, capacity building content, personality profiling and profile updates.

BrighterMonday remains at the frontline at the job search experience, providing career advice and smart job-hunting strategies to its growing customer base. Through relevant research and market reviews, jobseekers stand to enhance their chances of employment through this campaign.

Erick Wamanji

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