How to win their hearts:

Hook the message to the messenger

All organisations hanker to be understood so that they can be supported. Communication is the best way to create understanding between an organisation and its targeted publics. It’s the pathway to hearts and minds. To construct admiration and positive vibes. yeah, I should know because it’s through coms that my bread is battered. Yet, this enterprise has remained elusive for most organisations. Why? I know. It’s all about a mismatch of message-messenger mix.

Here is a little secret to help you turn the corner:

Message needs a messenger. Remember, folks choose whom to listen to or not. It’s not about WHAT of the message but WHO is saying the message. Any communication scholar knows Harold Laswell. His model of who says what to who with what effect – is a masterstroke.  There’re people whom we have emotionally and intellectually trusted. We want to hear their message. Those we don’t know, or we dislike normally we snub.

If you want to understand the power of the messenger, take a quick look at the social media pages. Folks, who society hold in esteem, – celebrities, politicians, wealthy businessmen etc– command a high degree of engagement even if all they have written is “Good morning,” or “It’s a new day”.

 There are eight known messenger traits that influence how we’re persuaded: trustworthiness, attractiveness, competence, socio-economic position, charisma, dominance, vulnerability, and warmth.

Here is the trick (but don’t tell anyone). Carefully identify your messengers who possess these charming ideals. Craft one message and let them relay it for you. The result will be magic!

Good luck,


Erick Wamanji

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