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Your organisation has a goal – to impact lives. To thrive. Right?  Great! Yet, you don’t seem to hit the right note. Your media coverage is weak at best or non-existent at worst.  Your Social media is flat. Your narrative  doesn’t resonate. Generally, you aren’t touching hearts & minds. We feel your frustration. See, communication can be complex and slippery. If not done right, it  affects your reputation and operations. But no worries.We’re here to fix it!  

At Rococo we solve your strategic communication  needs so that you can influence, win and grow.  Small wonder we’re Nairobi’s Rolls-Royce of PR agencies. Those who have discovered us, have discovered fine, resourceful hands.

This is because we have, with nuance and expertise, developed practical strategies, documented success stories, trained executives on media and helped our partners to earn rich media coverage. They’re winning. Come, partner with the right agency, drop us mail: info@rococo.co.ke or call +254 (0)750 88 11 11


The Suite

Documentary Production


Visual Communication is powerful. Smart organisations know that the visual is critical for advocacy, awareness, education, marketing, fundraising and documenting success stories. That's how a prolific team comes in.

Luckily, at Rococo PR we have a terrific combination of equipment, expertise and passion. You definitely would benefit from this magic. Rococo will also produce your short video clips, features, news and importantly capture and tell your success stories.

Writing & Editing


To attract customers, persuade, inform, educate and influence, you need cutting-edge writing. Yes, nuanced, thought-and-emotional-provoking content. As wordsmiths, at Rococo PR we understand how witty text can transform your fortunes. That's why, at our stable is a team of some of the finest writers and journalists to produce for you a great copy that will not only wow your audience, will make them respect, admire and support you. We explore your needs, write content, then polish it for clarity and impact. No doubt you need writing and editing services. Trust our experienced hands with the complex job of writing your OP-Eds, features, speeches, documentary scripts, blogs, news-releases and content for web. That way, you win!

Media Relations


 The mass media is influential. In fact, engaged well, the mass media can turn around your fortunes overnight. Indeed, that's why strategic media relations is a highly-sought-after skill. At Rococo PR we design and execute smart media relations programmes. We advise you on great media engagement strategies. Often times, we produce your content for the media. Further, we organise breakfast roundtables with journalists and make sure your event, CEO or project enjoys optimal, quality, media coverage. While at it, we scan for negative stories and correct bad press so that your reputation remains intact. If your need is to get media coverage, your search stops right here.



Every organisation, project, product, or personality worth a name, need to stand out. See, competition out there is real. Cut-throat competition that's rendering most entities obsolete. Don't be a victim. Ordinariness is a sure ticket to the grave. Now, that's why we put everything together- the psychology, the sociology, the cultural imperatives and help your brand to develop a unique essence. We help you to cut through the clutter and emerge as a distinct powerful, admirable brand. Our strategies and tactics will definitely make you top of the mind. See, PR and good branding has made presidents, great brands, and great people. We know that. We do that. Conquer your world. Enchant it with an enthralling brand. That way, you'll expand your influence. Success will all be yours. In any case, every brand needs a knight in a shining armour. We're here for you.



The cyberspace, this is where everything converges. The ultimate multi-media space. But there's a catch. Social media is not just about selfies and smiles. Nor is it about likes. Nay. It's about strategy and creativity, depth and perspective. Social media engagement for business or projects is a highly intellectual, nuanced and thought out realm. That's how Rococo PR comes in. We delve into the subtleties of your audience, understand it, then develop captivating messaging and communication goals. Finally we produce whirring content with precision and vibrancy. It wins!



Every savvy soldier will tell you war is won before it's fought. The generals come up with a strategy beforehand. That's true with communication. You need a robust Communication Strategy for your projects, brand, products or organisation. That's how we at Rococo PR come in. With vast experience in Communication Strategy design, you have a safe pair of hands that will turn around your communication sphere in the most unimaginable design. We analyse your needs and dynamics then we develop a bespoke communication strategy for you. That way, your communication will be smart and effective. Let's do the heavy lift here at Rococo, because we're good at it, and allow you to concentrate on your core business.


Years of consistent cutting-edge products attests to Rococo’s expertise and prowess. A sample of our works is a peek into an agency that is alive to the dictates of the modern-day communication needs of organisations. In short, you’re home. Consider your communication needs solved. Engage us after this. 

The Good Stove


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Cusp Of Dairy Revolution


Changing the Dairy Tide


Kenya’s Milk Way


Seven Ways that Changed Communities


Passionate, Professional Team

Jackson Nabaala, Head of Project, KRDP Lot II, German Agro Action

"We contracted Rococo PR & Media to document the success stories of our projects in Kajiado, Narok and West Pokot. The assignment involved talking to beneficiaries at the grassroots and capturing their stories of transformation. At the end of the day Rococo produced spectacular stories with great photography, enthralling documentary and a captivating publication - a compendium of our efforts. The Rococo Team is passionate about communication. It's very creative and dedicated with great attention to detail."


Leah Njeri, Project Lead & Senior WEE Policy and CSO Advisor

"Rococo PR & Media is the to-go-to agency for project profiling. It is through Rococo that our project, with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on School Feeding Programme, got massive media coverage and triggered a national dialogue on feeding. I like the fact that Rococo is a solutions-based organisation that you can always bank on."

Great Communication Partner

Jechonia Kitala, Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy, SNV Kenya

I'm glad to note that Rococo ably provided leadership and professionalism in the documentation of success stories that we assigned them. They surpassed the scope of the assignment at no extra cost on SNV. Rococo is a communication partner you need for your projects.